Dear school team,

we hope that you’ve used your notes from each presentation to discuss which YES! team gets which score.

Just to make sure that you have all information available, you can find the criteria and the voting system again below.

These criteria should be taken into account to compare the solutions and make a well-founded decision:

1. Content elaboration

  • Is the solution proposed on a sound and scientific basis?
  • Did you understand the key statements?
  • Is the idea well elaborated, and does it take possible side effects into account?
  • Is there objectivity?

2. Level of Innovation

  • Is this idea ‘outside the box’, anything new anybody hasn’t thought of yet?
  • Does this idea add value to already existing ideas?

3. Feasibility

  • Is the idea practicable?
  • Could the idea be implemented with the support of the respective stakeholders?

4. Potential

  • What potential has the idea, i.e. what can be developed from it further?

Voting procedure

  • Decide on a complete ranking of all solution proposals
  • Remember: You can‘t vote for yourself
  • Give your most preferred solution 12 points, the second most preferred solution idea 11 points and so on; your least preferred idea gets 1 point (12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 points)
  • Use the mentioned criteria to make a decision
  • Make sure that the order of points in your notes is the same as in the online voting system
  • Please make an announcement of the team with the highest score by one team member

Voting for the YES! Final