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Bundesfinale 26. und 27. September 2019

Die Finalisten

Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium Stuttgart

Solution: Integration of refugees through education
Topic: From Flight to Labour Market – How Can the Integration of Refugees Succeed? by Yvonne Giesing, Carla Rhode, Tanja Stitteneder und Madhinee Valeyatheepillay, ifo Institute – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich

Berlin International School

Solution: ProtectMe – An App Helping to Protect Victims of Sexual Abuse
Understanding why and how much people lie by Kai Barron, WZB Berlin Social Science Center

Burg-Gymnasium Bad Bentheim

Solution: H like hope – H like H-bike
Rethinking Mobility: We need a fundamental Transportation Transformation by Marco Horvarth, RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research

Engelsburg Gymnasium Kassel

Solution: Promoting diversity and taking advantage of it. Integration of refugees into the employment market.
Strengthening labour market integration of refugees: Which approaches work? by Paul Berbée, ZEW – Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research

Gymnasium an der Gartenstraße Möchengladbach

Solution: PSEC-Reform – Facing the consequences of demographic change
Topic: Maintaining intergenerational justice when populations are aging: How to distribute scarce resources across generations? by Philipp Jäger, RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research

Gymnasium bei St. Michael Schwäbisch Hall

Solution: P-Box
The last-mile challenge – How can the economic objectives of delivery services be agreed with a resource-conserving urban development? by Caroline Vogel und Sabine Rumscheidt, ifo Institute – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich

Gymnasium Köln-Pesch

Solution: Shared Remote Offices – Enable Well-Paid Jobs in Rural Areas
The rural-urban divide: How can rural areas keep up? by Fernanda Martinez Flores and Gökay Demir, RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research

Martin-Andersen-Nexö-Gymnasium Dresden

Solution: A Safe Bank Account for every Citizen of the European Union
Who needs banks? Or, does finance spur economic growth? by Felix Noth, IWH – Halle Institute for Economic Research

RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel

Solution: Upgreening
Traffic Concepts for the City of Tomorrow by Timm Leinker and Luca Wettlaufer, ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

Richard-Hallmann-Schule Trappenkamp

Solution: Be schlau, eat less cow
Climate Protection: How to change our way of life? by Christine Merk, IfW Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Robert-Schuman-Gymnasium Cham

Solution: Improving equality of opportunities with My2tor
Topic: Improving Equality of Opportunity: Key to a fair society? by Domenika Langenmayer and Lennard Zyska, KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium Weinheim

Solution: Green Pay
Climate Change and the European C02 Market by Carina Fugger and Sebastian Voigt, ZEW – Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research


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Bundesfinale, 26. und 27. September 2019

Bucerius Law School, Hamburg

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