3rd year, 2nd region – the YES! moves on

The YES! 2017, for the first time, took place in two different regions. While the YES! started in 2015 with teams from the North, in its third rendition, the competition included the region South-West. With the ZEW Centre for European Economic Research as the regional partner, the first of two regional finales took place in Mannheim. The second final was held in Kiel at the ZBW.

The final in Kiel in September was bigger than ever, with 14 teams presenting their solutions on two days, accompanied by national and international speakers who discussed the solutions in every detail.

In the end, a team from the new region won. BBS Wirtschaft 1 from Ludwigshafen created a concept of a „Company Gateway“, which should allow founders to establish a new company with a less bureaucratic burden to push Germany’s entrepreneurship to a new level.

Participating Teams and their solutions

  • Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium Ulm: Robots and Energy – New Policies of Taxation
  • Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasiums Dillingen: The Europe Day
  • Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasiums Stuttgart: Career Network for SMEs
  • Alexander-von-Humboldt-Schule Neumünster: Optional Eco-Donation (OED)
  • BBS Wirtschaft 1 Ludwigshafen: Company Gateway for Start-Ups
  • Friedrich-List Schule Mannheim: The Nanabox – Natural & Renewable
  • Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasiums Stuttgart: Flux App Reward System
  • Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium Hamburg: Sustainability Kit for Schools
  • Helene-Lange-Gymnasium Rendsburg: Land
    Investment Revolution – Four Pillar System
  • Hohe Landesschule Hanau: Politic Future App
  • RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel: E-Parties – I’m E – Try Me!
  • Richard-Hallmann-Schule Trappenkamp: MatchED – Matching Education and Digitalisation
  • Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium Weinheim: The Checkpoint – Prove the Truth