Bang – And off it goes! On February. 24th.2017 the YES! project finally started. Here in Kiel, at the ZBW the Kick-Off took place. This year’s topics got displayed and we were allowed to start our work. How we experienced the Afternoon and what else happened can you read here in our Blog!


Starting signal! – Bang!!


Oh already?! – Yeahi! – Ohhh Struggle! – Go, go, go!


Probably, this is how you can describe our start into the Project.


Sooner than we thought the start of the YES! project took place. Not much time for anticipation but finally we could get started.


We got invited on Friday, February.24th.2017 to join the Kick-Off for our YES! project here in Kiel. Finally, the Day had come; we all have been looking forward to. Luckily our way to the ZBW isn’t the longest.


From our school, down to the water is only a short jump.  Just crossing the Holtenauerstreet, through Düsternbrook, passing the state parliament and we were already there.


As we arrived Laura and Kai welcomed us and showed us where to go. One after the other of the teams arrived as well. Following to that, the presentation of the Young Economic Summit Project and the topic started.


With a PowerPoint presentation, we were introduced to every topic and every one of us started to think about a good topic for us. We all thought about solutions and innovative approaches to each topic.


After a quick discussion, we concluded, which topic we want to choose. Both topics of society, as well as environment, were interesting for our group. After the presentation, we had the opportunity to discuss with the experts about our favourite topics for further information. These talks with the experts brought us a new view on these topics and help us a lot in finding the right topic for us. The Experts gave the newest standards and a brief summary of their work in the fields with each topic and showed new opportunities.


Also, we took the opportunity for start our media work, with interviews and photos.


After all, this was a great afternoon. We are really looking forward to presenting our solution together with the other teams and to use this platform for having an impact.


Philipp Kröger

YES! Team RBZ Wirtschaft.Kiel

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