„Yes, we care!“ – For a future-proof and generation-appropriate care system

by Gesamtschule Waldbröl

Yes, even we will be old one day – and we want to care! Not only for our future but for the problems that come along with ageing and taking care as well. 

Our team, coming from the public school „Gesamtschule Waldbröl„, consists of Andreina, Antonia, Daniel, Diana, Jaqueline, Lea, Lukas, Philipp, Samuel, Tom and our teachers Benjamin Tappert and Irene Kaiser.

Our parents or we originate from Italy, Poland, the former UDSSR, Albania, Romania and of course Germany. We’re young, colourfully mixed, with the most various capabilities and characters – and that’s why we will develop creative ideas and realistic solutions. For us, diversity is a chance and not a threat.

We are happy to participate in the „YES! – Young Economic Summit“ 2018 competition.

Our topic: We have decided to stand up to the task of finding solutions for intergenerational equity for elderly care. The problems are huge: The lack of skilled employees, the enormous finances of care insurances and the continuously growing population and isolation of old people have us facing several problems at once.

Yet thanks to our motivated and vigilant teammates, we will discuss those same problems and face them together. To develop ideas on how to better the situation, we have already collected several impressions and solving approaches to the current system.

We will collect the impressions, general ideas and feedback from nurses, patients and everyone else who is affected and involved to eventually evaluate whether our idea has the support of the population. Accordingly, we will try to find cooperating partners, which would support us.

If everything works as imagined, we ensure a strengthened social cohesion in our society.

We hope that you have learned more about our team and thematic emphasis, and we cannot wait to continue working productively with the RWI Essen to ensure thorough and successful progress of our concept.

The Gesamtschule Waldbröl online: http://gesamtschule-waldbroel.de/wp/

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