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We are seven students from the 12c of the Berufliche Gymnasium RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel. We elaborate the issue “Building Sustainable and Smart Cities: Challenges for Industries and Societies“.


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Building Sustainable and Smart Cities: Challenges for Industries and Societies


Fast economic development leads to rapid and intensive urbanization.


Emerging megacities are increasingly confronted with challenges such as resource scarcity, congestion, waste and emissions. Climate change and natural disasters are further propelling forward the building of sustainable and smart cities.


Dealing with these challenges requires changes in socio-economic structures based on systematic thinking and interdisciplinary cooperation from areas such as urban technology, infrastructure, informatics and the sociology of the Internet.


In Asia, there are an increasing number of megacities with population of over 10 million residents. The variety in economic development causes concurrent demand for urbanization and urban renewal.


It is highly challenging but necessary for decision makers in the region to build their cities smart and sustainable for better urban carrying capacity for the next decades.


Both technology and societal concerns have to be well considered. Key questions include how to adjust existing institutional conditions for the purpose of future sustainable urban development and how to motivate effective public-private partnerships as well as industrial and social innovations.


Which innovations are necessary and where to start? How to protect personal data? Which stakeholders should be part of the planning and implementing smart cities? How can technologies be adequately applied in different kinds of infrastructure, in household lives and in industrial sites to increase the allocation efficiency of scarce resources and to reduce the undesirable byproducts like waste and emissions? How can organizational structures and processes in a city be adjusted and further developed to support dealing with social challenges while improving economic efficiency and environmental resilience of cities?


The topic “Building Sustainable and Smart Cities: Challenges for Industries and Societies” stems from the Global Economic Symposium (GES), which is organized by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy in cooperation with the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics.

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