by Gymnasium Wellingdorf

“Moin moin” from the beautiful Baltic Sea,

We are the „YES!“ group of Gymnasium Wellingdorf – our topic is „The Facebook business model- you are the product!„.

Photo: (c) YES! / Kai Meinke

We are a small group of 5 boys (Lukas K., Björn W., Benno R., Lucas A. and Jendrik W.), from the natural science profile with the major subject physics. To get more information about our school visit .

We chose this topic because it interested us the most because, in addition to natural scientific questions, we like to deal with information techniques. In February 2018 we were introduced to the topic by our expert supervisors, so we have a rough idea of what our job is in this year’s „YES!“ competition. Our goal is to learn as much as possible about Facebook’s data handling and data collection and to use this knowledge to sensitise the users‘ dealings with Facebook, regarding their data, to clarify market power, assess and possibly do something to weaken.

Accordingly, we start this endeavour by creating a Facebook account to get a closer look on Facebook, because we are not Facebook users. Furthermore, we want to deal with the potential of social networks in the context of this project, which arises due to immense records that Facebook and Co.have accumulated. However, our research is not just on Facebook, but also on other social networks, games etc. connected to Facebook.

Since Facebook can use its algorithm to control what the user consumes, in extreme cases, it could also influence the thinking of broad masses, so Facebook could also be or become a political instrument of power. This danger is also to estimate and possibly limit.

Since we have only been provided for a limited time, we will only be able to cover some of these topics and focus on them.

We look forward to the upcoming competition!

Best regards

Your team „Gymnasium Wellingdorf“

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