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FindA – from internship to dream apprenticeship

How matching problems arise? Difficulties of matching in the training market are mismatches between offers and demands, which lead to unsuccessful attendees on both sides of the training market.

In the last few months, we, as the WGM angels of the “Windthorst Gymnasium Meppen“, worked on our project “Matching problems in the vocational training market: How can training places and applicants find each other?” All together, we are fourteen girls and two teachers who tried to solve the problem with the help of Prof. Dr. Amelie Schiprowski from ECONtribute.

Through our own surveys, we have found that many future trainees don’t have enough practical experience, and there is a lack of communication between companies and prospective trainees. Of 175 respondents, 85% stated that they had only completed a maximum of two internships but were interested in more practical experience. Our interviews with the companies confirmed that they have problems reaching future trainees, and thus available the training places remain unfilled.

Our solution?!

After dealing with this problem, we came to the conclusion, that due to digitalization, to develop an app. Our app, FindA enables prospective trainees to gain more practical experience, broadens their horizons and offers faciliated, direct and personal contact between them and the companies. How is this supposed to work? Both future trainees and companies create a profile in which they enter their data and expectations. An algorithm ensures that both sides are notified when there is a 70% match. A chat function is then activated so that the seeker and the company can communicate with each other quickly and easily.

Why FindA?

Currently, there are already apps and websites, for example, “Azubiwelt” or “Praktikumsnavi”. They  make it easier to search for job advertisements for apprenticeships, internships or jobs, but all the apps or websites we found have some weaknesses. This is what we want to fix with our App FindA. So, in our app, seekers can search for apprenticeships, internships, and jobs, and they can do so throughout Germany, not just in certain parts of it. With our app, we want to help all job seekers but especially young people to find their dream job and start their future careers.

Their YES! topic

Matching problems in the vocational training market: How can training places and applicants find each other?

by Amelie Schiprowski (ECONtribute)

In-company vocational training is an essential part of the German education system. But it is in crisis: Compared to 2019, the number of training contracts concluded in 2020 fell by 9.4 per cent. Moreover, there is growing concern about longer-term negative consequences for young people’s entry into working life.

One of the current challenges for the vocational training market are so-called matching problems, which have intensified since Corona: While in 2020, on the one hand, about 12 per cent of training places remained unfilled, on the other hand, about 14 per cent of those willing to train did not find a job.

This challenge deals with the question of how the training offers of companies and the demand of applicants can be better matched in the future. The first step is to find out what we know about the causes of matching problems: What role do geography, qualification requirements, applicants’ interests, etc., play? Then, in a second step, we develop approaches to solutions. It can be helpful to focus on one of the causes.

Amelie Schiprowski

Foto: EconTribute

Amelie Schiprowski ist Juniorprofessorin für Angewandte Mikroökonomik bei ECONtribute an der Universität Bonn. 2012 schloss sie ihren Master in Wirtschaftswissenschaften an den Universitäten Sciences Po Paris und Ecole Polytechnique ab und promovierte 2018 an der Universität Potsdam im Rahmen des Doktorandenprogrammes des DIW Berlin. Sie forscht im Bereich der Angewandten Mikroökonomik mit Schwerpunkt auf dem Arbeitsmarkt.