Windeck-Gymnasium Bühl (2018)

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How to Combat Child Poverty and how can Children and Adolescents be Best Supported? (2018)

In Germany, many children and young people in households are living below the at-risk-of-poverty threshold. This also has long-term effects. Studies have shown that success in education and other important things (such as health, life expectancy etc.) are heavily dependent on the home. At the same time, Germany has a developed welfare state and social expenditure represents an essential part of the federal budget. Most of the support for children and young people in low-income families comes in the form of cash payments, e.g. unemployment benefits II (‘Hartz IV’), housing benefit or child supplements. There are also benefits such as child allowance, which all families are entitled to regardless of income. Most services specifically aim at single parents, for example, maintenance payments. As well as these cash payments, families also receive support through benefits in kind and services offerings. This includes childcare (parental contributions are made on a sliding scale based on social status, and only cover a portion of the actual cost), free education and support as part of the education and participation package, as well as child and youth welfare services. Benefits in kind and service offerings are often justified by the fact that the support reaches the children or young people in this way. However, the education and participation package shows that parents and public administration have significantly higher expenses with this kind of support in comparison with cash payments.

The Team

The way we found out the YES!-Project exists is very interesting. Two different teachers at the Windeck-Gymnasium in Bühl said something about a „politic project“ before I was asked by Mr Stiborsky if I am interested in joining this competition. I said YES! So the next two days I was searching for some competent and clever teammates. This is how our team, consisting of Amira, Carina, Lily-Marie, Niklas, Rebecca, Simon, came together. As it came to choose the topic we are interested in, we quickly decided to go with the subject of how to fight child poverty and how children and young adults can be supported.

First, because we are very shocked that in such a rich country like Germany every fifth child lives in poverty or in danger of poverty.

Secondly, because there is still some time till we can vote but we want to engage ourselves by now and come up with ideas for the changes we want to see in Germany. The YES!-Project gives us the ability to compete with our thoughts and to engage ourselves, and we are pleased about that.

Written by Simon Bärmann

Windeck-Gymnasium Bühl 

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