“Ready – Set – Go” can we say now because not only our next and final year of school has started, but also our final work on our Sustainability Kit. With a little shock, we realized after our very late summer holidays this year that there are only a few weeks left until the final presentation.


So again it’s all about brooding, reflecting, improving – and even more important: our Sustainability Kit has to become a firm part of our everyday school life.


Diligently we have produced our signs of the “Sustainable-ABC”, in English as well as in German, so also our younger students will be able to read and understand our little messages for everyday life and will put them into practice. The sign with the words “R as in reduce your paper usage – buy a kindle“ is put up above the printers in the teachers copying room and the computer rooms of our school, the card suggesting “T as in turn off the lights” is located above the light switches in the classrooms, whereas the nudge “D as in don’t waste water” is to be found above the washbasins in the bathrooms.


Moreover, has the “paper bus” been put into operation as well as the new “paper crocodile” – designed after the same principle as the bus. Now they serve as dispensers for scribbling paper in the classrooms and the copying room. Of course, there will follow more creative and funny ideas after the bus and the crocodile.


The jingle has been played live past Wednesday in our auditorium and earned rounds of applause and appreciation. Now it should be played every now and then in the breaks through the speakers, so all students and teachers will be reminded to act more sustainably.


At last the stickers: Of course they are also in use. As planned these colourful nudges stick to the paper dispensers in our school bathrooms. Currently, our stickers remind every student who wants to dry off their hands to not rip ten papers out of the dispensers, throw away about two-thirds almost unused and therewith be as wasteful as possible. Instead, they are asked, “Why not dance your hands dry?”.


Our latest activity is the creation of a website, to introduce and promote our Sustainability Kit and to provide it for other schools to do the same. But find out more about it yourself (the link can be found below)!


See you soon and until then…


¡Buenos Nudging! We say Evet!


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