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The RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel is a vocational training center specialized in the field of economics. We offer our students a wide range of subjects and give them, as part of a dual training system, the necessary basic and specialized knowledge to pick up a commercial profession.

Furthermore we allow our students – according to individual typification and ability – the acquirement of a superior educational qualification. We value high permeability between the different certificates to promote individual educational opportunities.

The RBZ Wirtschaft has the following school areas:

  • professional school
  • vocational school from type 1 and 3
  • technical school
  • upper vocational
  • occupational grammar school
  • professional school for business economics
  • general education evening school

Every student gets the same support. No one is left behind but is supported with regards to his/her individual skills and possibilities.

The occupational grammar school has nine different profiles which offer individual focus, supporting and demanding not only project based contents but also social, methodical and personal competences.

In the year 2014 the RBZ Wirtschaft got the German School price from the Robert Bosch-Stiftung and the Heidehof Stiftung. The RBZ Wirtschaft convinced the jury in the six categories performance, handling variety, quality of education, responsibility, school atmosphere, extracurricular partner and school as learning institution.

“If the Young Economic Summit didn’t exist yet, it would have to be invented for the RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel. Bilingual project work on global economic problems with the following presentations match the pedagogical purpose of our occupational grammar school, YES!” – Wulf Wersig (headmaster)

Das RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel in the Internet:

Homepage: www.rbz-wirtschaft-kiel.de

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RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel
RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel
RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel
RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel

Chosen YES! 2015 Topic

“Societal Development, Integration and Equality”

“Promoting Economic Mobility”

Find further information on the topic “Promoting Economic Mobility” on the website of the Global Economic Symposium and here.