RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel (2019)

Finalist for the region North


Hello, we’re UPREENING, a non-profit organization founded to improve the way you move.

In today’s world, there are too many cars on the streets, which most of the time only seat one person at a time. The traffic mainly consists of commuters. Driving your car alone will cause environmental damage and individual and general health issues. Our goal is to create a healthier and more sustainable traffic situation. By that, we mean fewer cars but more bicycles and public transportation on the streets.

Our solution is to advise companies to improve their operational mobility management and employees in their different traffic choices. We want to connect employees and leasing companies at our Mobility Events and promote a healthier and “greener“ way to the workplace. To implement our solution, we partner with several organisations: three car dealers, two bike shops, a leasing company, the public transportation service of Schleswig Holstein (Nah.sh) and a mobility supporter in Kiel (KielRegion).

In three steps, we want to achieve our goal.

  1. First, we will analyze the company’s operational mobility management with the help of our questionnaire which contains questions about the current transportation choices and costs as well as the average distance and commuting time to the workplace. Based on that, we give general recommendations for the company.
  2. As a second step, we will celebrate our Mobility Event at the company. At the event, we will present our general mobility solutions for the company. Also, employees gain more experience with “greener” vehicles that are provided by our partners, e.g. bicycles of MyBoo and electric or hybrid cars of our car companies. That way, the employees can see the different options directly and maybe find their perfect change right away. Furthermore, we offer an individual analysis for each employee, so that each one of them can change their individual mobility situation. To visualize the analysis better, we will use different websites which can be used by the employees themselves, for example, “bikecitizens”. As a result of the individual analysis the employees will receive a record, which shows the current transportation situation and the best solution we calculated. To point out the positive change a little bit more, we will also list the achievements and benefits for the employee, for example, the saved money and time and health and environmental changes.
  3. Finally, we connect the employees with our partners, depending on their individual solution. That way, the employee will be connected to leasing companies and bike or car dealers.

As a result of our Mobility Event and the entire process, the employee will make a new transportation decision and sign a leasing contract.

And that is how we want to upgreen operational mobility management and create a healthier and more sustainable traffic situation!

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