Multikulti at Burgdorf – BBS Burgdorf Team II

Hello folks!

We are the YES! team of the grammar school for economics in Burgdorf and newcomers at the YES! project. The topic that we have chosen is the “Acceptance of Refugees in the Local Environment”.

Photo: (c) Team BBS Burgdorf 2

Personally, we think that everyone should have the same rights in terms of being accepted in the society wherever she or he lives, no matter where they came from and which skin-colour they have. Jointly we are willing to give our best on preventing the development of parallel societies and try to remove the completely unfounded anxieties and worries even from the essentially Germans. To cut a long story short we want to change things and show that eventually, we are all the same à Human beings.


Our team, our motivations

The YES! – Young Economic Summit is one of the biggest student competitions with an economic and social focus YES! is organised by the ZBW in cooperation with the Joachim Herz Stiftung.

On March 7, we had an appointment with research experts on our topic in Essen at the RWI, the project partner for the region West, where our topic „The Acceptance of Refugees in the Local Area“ was brought closer to us.

We were taught how to approach the matter through scientific research. After the fruitful conversation with the experts, where many questions were clarified, we were ready! Our personal motivational backgrounds are that most of our team members know many refugees and some of our parents have fled themselves.

We understand the suffering of the refugees, and that’s why we are so motivated. Now we are working on a solution to reinforce the acceptance of refugees in Burgdorf, which could be a suitable solution for other cities as well.

We already had difficulties with the organisation and planning. In the Easter holidays, we made no progress because of communicational problems. We blamed each other, although it was everyone’s fault. Fortunately, we have grown from this incident, from now on we will look for a solution of our problem, instead of blaming one another. Our team is now giving its best and is well prepared! In the following weeks and months, we will continue to work on our project to present our idea in the regional finals in Essen.

Team Presentation

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