„Mit Hartz IV hat jeder das, was er zum Leben braucht.“

by Windeck-Gymnasium Bühl

When we first heard about this statement by Jens Spahn, a German parliament member and Minister for health, we were not amused, because it seems to be many people’s opinion on poverty. At the same time, it motivated us, even more, to take part in YES and find ways to really give everybody what is necessary to live a human-worth life. Because of that, we were really excited to visit ZEW, the Centre for European Economic Research in Mannheim. We know that there is a difference between poverty in really poor countries and poverty in developed countries, like Germany. But nevertheless, every child and every young adult should grow up in peace and have the best possibilities for a proper and fulfilling future.

Photo: (c) ZEW / Theresa Heep

When we got on the train to Mannheim on Friday, the 16.3.2018, none of us knew what to expect. Nevertheless, we were looking forward to our Kick-Off Meeting.
After arriving at the ZEW, we met Mr Stichnoth and Laura, at least via Skype. They introduced themselves and asked about our school and our reasons for being part of YES.
Then Mr Stichnoth told us about his job and what is essential for us. It was exciting to hear about his work because you don’t meet people like him every day.
A few questions and answers by Sina later, we already headed home. We ate Asian-styled food and were brainstorming about our topic and discussing the advantages of living in Sweden till we finally arrived in Bühl after a long, exciting day.

Team Presentation

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