Our school: The Max-Planck-Schule Kiel

The Max-Planck-Schule Kiel is a well-equipped school with about 1000 pupils and 85 teachers where we spend 8 years till we graduate. Although our school is located near the city centre, it is surrounded by a lot of trees and this  creates a great working environment.


We are a “school without Racism, a school with courage” which is very important for us. This is also why certain students help to integrate refugees, by taking sponsorships for young refugees. We get the opportunity offered to take part in numerous school exchanges, such as some to Denmark and France. Furthermore, we are in constant motion due to many working groups. We, as students of the Max-Planck-Schule Kiel, can make decisions about certain things in school by the student council.


The school owns an indoor swimming pool and a sports hall, but it’s also possible that we use one of many other surrounding sports halls and a large sports field. We are socially engaged, such as by charity runs and participating in charity races as “rowing against cancer”. Our school is also an Enrichment Base school in Kiel and a competence center for giftedness. In the Maxi-AG gifted students have the possiblity to exchange ideas and to work with other gifted students from other year groups.


Not just that our teachers teach us knowledge, skills and qualifications to prepare us optimally to study and work. According to our understanding school means even more: We see it as a  community in which different interests and inclinations may come into play: We strive to provide a wide range of associations. In this “ups” – and especially in the student council – many pupils engage and are important parts of this community. Guidance counselors and trained as peer mediators pupils support harmonious coexistence. Many parents take an active role in the organization of school life, for example as elected representatives in the parents’ council, in conferences and in the school conference, the Association of Friends, a consultant at events, as a mediator of internships for older students or as a singer in Choir. So we have developed a wide cooperation of parents, students and teachers in our school.



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Max-Planck-Schule Kiel

YES! 2016 Topic

Your Governance

Reforming Asylum and Migration Governance


Both on a national and an international level, it prevails large disagreement how to deal with thousands of refugees who search asylum in the European Union. Many governments try to find single-handed solutions to “protect” themselves against the influx of refugees.


A common approach to deal with the “refugee crises” seems appropriate, especially with regard to the free movement of labor in the European Union and the freedom of movement of persons within the Schengen area. But currently no such solutions are in sight.


How could a sustainable strategy to distribute refugees among EU states look like? How to organize a permanent accomodation of refugees in transit countries? How can the EU agree on a common approach, in which the interests of the nation states, as well as the EU and especially the refugees are safeguarded? How to coordinate with neighbouring countries which are not part of the EU, in order to alleviate the pressure on the EU countries?



The topic “Reforming Asylum and Migration Governance” stems from the Global Economic Symposium (GES), which is organized by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy in cooperation with the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics.

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