Make Nudges Great Again

by Heinrich-Heine-Schule Heikendorf

Let’s make a change!

We are the group from Heikendorf taking part in “Young Economic Summit” to develop our future because the future is our responsibility and we want to create it actively. YES is our chance to give our often overheard voices depth and the needed volume.

The team at the kick-off-meeting
Photo: (c) YES!/Kai Meinke

Our group is put together by six members from three different classes with three different profiles. We are united through our interests in politics, economics and English, along with our desire to make new experiences. Together, we can change the world of tomorrow.

A willingness to help other people has deteriorated massively in our current society. With growing importance of social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat) a new way of communication and a new understanding of anonymity has lead to a decreased feeling of responsibility towards others. In social media, we’re only one in thousands. Unfortunately, this phenomenon appears in daily situations where people would rather look away than help someone in trouble.

An incident in a bank in Essen, involving an 82-year-old man collapsing after a heart attack, is just another example of the shocking developments in our society. The elderly man died on the floor while other customers ignored or even stepped over him.

The Kick-off meeting in Kiel was a good occasion to ask questions and listen to the advice of experts. It was very interesting to develop the ideas from our project at this early stage and to spark a debate about such an important topic.  Furthermore, we now understand the importance of YES to modern society. Our project is more than just a drop in the ocean but represents a much-needed change to better in ourselves and our community.

The Heinrich-Heine School in Heikendorf is famous for its exchange with other cultures, being partners with schools in six different countries. Our school shows huge involvement in other fields, like politics and economics, as well, to give us as many possibilities to educate ourselves even more outside of the everyday life. YES is that kind of possibility, and our school has a great history with it. This is why we want to do our school and the teams before us proud and go to Berlin to finally win with a solution to our problem that we stand behind and make history.

In case you want to see the progress we make from a blank sheet to a fully developed project and solution, feel free to have a look at our official Twitter account (

Team Presentation

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