The Joachim Herz Stiftung is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to the promotion of education, science and research in the fields of Economics, Natural Science and Personal Development.

We are economically independent and politically neutral. Since the Joachim Herz Stiftung was established in 2008, youth and young adults have been the focus of our work.

Our vision is to enable young people, regardless of their origin and social status, to live their lives in a self-determined and responsible manner and to contribute to a productive and tolerant society.


It is our conviction that if they are to make responsible choices and take charge of their own lives, young adults need to understand basic economic processes and interrelations.

Our Program Area Economics conveys such economic understanding through various projects, many of which utilize new digital media in ways that are inspired by how young people use them in their leisure time.

YouTube videos generate interest in everyday economic topics, BarCamp settings foster discussion among peers, and mentoring programs allow youth and young adults to learn from decision makers of today.

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