We are the Hermann-Tast-School from Husum, founded in the „grey town by the sea“ in 1527. With a long tradition and history, we are one of the last schools in the state of Schleswig-Holstein that still teach Old Greek and Latin as a first language. In addition, there are also many modern languages like Spanish or Russian taught at HTS. We engage in a lot of student exchanges with Italy, France, Switzerland and Russia in order to support these language-based subjects.

However, our school also focuses on sciences. We were recently awarded best national school by the organization „Jugend forscht“. This is only one of the contests we take part in – others are on a regional or national level or within our own school. We work in close cooperation with „Böttcher“- foundation, our major sponsor. They and others support us and give us the chance to help talented students and to deepen their learning experience and their abilities.

But we do not just focus on the strengths of our students, we also help them reducing their weaknesses. Our aspiration is not only to provide knowledge to the students but to let them also discover their individual personality, self-courage, social sense and political sagacity. We have the same approach with our school. We are constantly trying to optimize our system and try new ways of teaching and learning.

HTS takes part in this project for the very first time. Our team consists of ten students from different classes of Year 12, mixed between G8 and G9, and two teachers for the subjects English, Economy/Politics and Geography. We are really excited to collect and work out ideas for a solution to our field „Equality and Growth“ and to work with the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics and the YES! Team.

Am Bahndamm
25813 Husum

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Homepage: http://hermann-tast-schule.lernnetz.de

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Chosen YES! 2015 Topic

“Societal Development, Integration and Equality”

“Equality and Growth in Europe: From Antagonism to Symbiosis”

Find further information on the topic “Equality and Growth in Europe: From Antagonism to Symbiosis” on the website of the Global Economic Symposium and here.