Hermann-Tast-Schule Husum

The Hermann-Tast-Schule Husum is one of the two highschools in the coastal city Husum.


Approximatley 1200 students and 90 teachers go there every day. Whereas in 1527, when the HTS was founded, only one teacher and a few boys where teaching and learning.  Today it is one of the biggest schools in Northern Germany.


Our school has something special. It is not the rare opportunity to learn Latin from 5th grade on or our long tradition. The things around the lessons are what makes it unique.


For example our participation in different competitions from sports to natural sciences and of course the YES! – Young Economic Summit itself. We also benefit from the exchanges our school organizes in different countries .



Hermann-Tast-Schule Husum
Am Bahndamm
D-25813 Husum


Phone: +49 4841 82 111
Fax: +49 4841 33 71

email: hermann-tast-schule.husum@schule.landsh.de



The Hermann-Tast-Schule Husum online:

Homepage: http://hermann-tast-schule.lernnetz.de

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Hermann-Tast-Schule Husum

YES! 2016 Topic

Sharing Economy

Your Economy

Sharing Economy – Innovative and Sustainable?


Digitalization changes markets and thus, our business activities. Via Web 2.0 technologies, it is easy for us to make resources temporarily available for other users.


The systematic borrowing of goods and the mutual provision of space is called sharing economy. In this form of sharing, the own possession of resources plays a minor role. The focus lies on collaborative consumption.


Sharing economy comes with the hope that resources will be used more efficiently and thus, both economic and environmental benefits can be achieved.


When is “using” instead of “owning” beneficial? What does this change in consumption behavior implies for markets? What economic concepts are behind this idea? What rules of conduct must be implemented to embellish a fair sharing economy and prevent free riding? When are we in need for regulation of the new business models? How does it affect tax authorities? Who will get the rents of the transactions? How will the sharing economy influences our daily lives?



The topic “Sharing Economy – Innovative and Sustainable?” is presented by the editorial staff of Wirtschaftsdienst and Intereconomics. The journals are published by the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics.

Pictures (from top to bottom): (c) shutterstock.com / SkyPics Studio, (c) Hermann-Tast-Schule Husum