And another day of working on our topic. The sun is shining, the sky is nearly blue with just a few tiny clouds. While the weather outside is nice, we sit inside at the computers working on our new ideas and solutions. Everywhere one can hear the sounds of the keyboards, the low murmur of voices discussing ideas, now and then a voice rising as solutions are being presented.


We have set ourselves a new deadline: Next week everyone has to present their solutions or results from the past weeks, in order to come closer to our final solution. As our topic “Nudging sustainable consumption” is quite broad, we split into different groups. One is gaining information about plastic, another one about paper, second-hand clothing or sustainable tourism. Possibilities seem endless. One of these topics will be hopefully lead us to our final solution in the end, but nothing is decided yet.


Now it’s in our hands to come up with an idea for a kick-off, a “nudge”, which leads to people buying more second hand clothes, using less towels in hotels, paying attention to the use of plastic and to not throw away a piece of paper thoughtlessly, but at least write on both sides.


Our different groups have already developed some basic concepts, which should be finished – or at least presentable – by next week.


The social media group is editing new photos and posting them on our websites: Our Facebook and Instagram pages shall start to fill eventually.


Even a little experiment is finally coming to life: a diary of our daily paper waste at school. Each of us will have to note every use of paper during two weeks, every worksheet we are handed during lessons, every piece of paper we write on or use for our homework. Then we will evaluate the results.


The team dealing with the topic of plastic and paper waste has a lot of different ideas how to reduce the usage of paper. They thought of the separation of garbage and waste paper and the recycling of paper in public schools as well as of ways to realise a reduction of paper, especially at home, for example by trying to collect the litter created by the daily received advertisements.


Our team dealing with tourism has gone very far already and thought about creating a website which should remember hotels of producing, consuming and working more sustainably.


And finally, our group working on the use of second-hand clothes had the idea to display the whole process of a piece of clothing: The T-shirt from the cultivation of cotton to the harvest and transport, through the fabrics and lastly the product which is sold in stores.


Altogether it can be said that we already have some promising first ideas and we are all excited to see which one will finally be chosen for our YES-solution.


But until then, keep reading our blog!


See you soon….


¡Buenos Nudging! We say: Yes!


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Pictures: (c) YES! Team Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium Hamburg