„And now everyone: I wanna hear a loud ‚YES!'“ „YES!“ „Come on you can do better!“ „YES!“ „And another one!“ „YES!“


Finally, it is happening: On the 28th and 29th of September, the great final of the Young Economic Summit 2017 took place in Kiel. All around Germany the teams travelled to Schleswig-Holstein, with their completely different topics and completely different approaches to the problems.


One after the other they came up to stage to present their solutions: Europe Day, a project day in school and kindergarten on that children learn more about the European Union, the FluX-App that shows the quality and sustainability of cosmetics, e-parties, barbecues combined with presenting and test-driving e-cars and of course our Sustainability Kit, as always consisting of the jingle, the paper bus, the stickers and the ABC.


After the solutions were presented every group had to answer questions for half an hour: first of all experts on the particular topics from all over the world – Spain, the US, Great Britain – asked the teams questions to get to the core of the topic and the solution. Is the approach really useful? Is it a practical idea? After that also the audience was allowed to ask. Therefore there were special microphones: really soft dices that could be thrown across the room from enquirer to enquirer.



The next day began, as also the one before did, with presentations and discussions. However, everybody had in mind that at the end of this day the award ceremony would take place.


Special about the YES!-competition: the participants themselves choose the winner.


Then, finally, the big moment of awarding the winners was there, and brought us a joyful surprise: We made the third place and, due to that won 1000 Euros prize money! Even though our presentation was very well received by the audience, none of us expected this result.


YES! Finale 2017


Congratulations to the other winning teams!

Furthermore, we want to thank all those who gave their vote for us.


And now we have a last request: Vote for us in the public poll about which team is going to be awarded as the audience’s favourite, so that we can also win this award! The voting is open until October 13th, 2017! Every vote counts! Thanks beforehand!

And here is the link to the online-poll: https://www.young-economic-summit.org/yes-2017-solutions/?lang=en


Goodbye and see you soon! But until then….


¡Buenos Nudging! We say: YES!


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