Helene-Lange-Gymnasium Rendsburg (2018)

Photo: (c) YES!/Kai Meinke

The team selected this topic

Few Shareholders in Germany: Are we missing something? (2018)

The share of shareholders in the German population is rather low compared to other highly developed countries. What are the causes for this German particularity? Are Germans more risk-averse than others? Alternatively, do Germans act irrationally? Are other forms of saving riskless and what about returns in competing asset classes? Not any deviation from the mainstream rectifies policy action. After answering the questions above one may get an idea, whether politicians should intervene and try to increase the number of shareholders in Germany. What do you say?

The Team

The YES! Team of the Helene-Lange-Gymnasium in 2018 sustains 6 interested pupils, who like to search for a good answer to make the future better!

Max: As the successors of those who made our lives more pleasant, it is from my perspective obligated to us to work for the well-being of those who will live in the world we create for example by solving the problems being in the store for them. This is why it gives me the pleasure to participate in the YES! ÔÇô Project.

Nico: As Someone, who is interested in the political and economic theme, the YES is a good opportunity to get people, who can affect something, to hear your thoughts. This is why I am participating in the YES! Project.

Katharina: I like to work with other people to solve a problem, I also like to work on a topic, to find solutions scientifically. So, the YES is a good opportunity for me!

Lea: The YES! gives young people a platform to do something in for their future, because it’s our future. Also, we need to solve the problems of our future!

Laurenz: I participate in the YES! project, because I am interested in economic and I always had fun, while working on economic projects. I like to work in a team, I also want to get people to know of our idea, so more people invest in Shares.

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