The Heinrich-Heine-Schule Heikendorf puts a lot of effort into discovering and supporting the talents of every single student. To archive this goal the school offers social, creative-aesthetic or mathematic-scientific projects.


Especially the last category matters and since 2012 the Heinrich-Heine-Schule  is a qualified “MINT” school. The subjects mathematics, informatics, techniques and sciences in general are strengthened to raise the student’s interest in corresponding jobs. The award not only distinguishes the education, but also the competitive activities, working groups, the networking and skill enhancement of the teachers and cooperation.


Furthermore the school is globally connected: There are sister schools in Angers (France), Bishop’s Stortford (England) and Kadrina (Estonia). The Heinrich-Heine-Schule is especially proud of it’s sister school in Tansania, which was established by the school’s Africa working group. There is also a Fair Trade project group that encourages the student’s conscience and their responsibility and points out the farmer’s working and living conditions.


The “YES! – Young Economic Summit”, which will hopefully become one of the most important projects at the HHS within the next years, is an exciting and challenging extension to the school’s versatile program.

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Chosen YES! 2015 Topic

“Environmental Sustainability”

“Urban Development”

Find further information on the topic “Urban Development” on the website of the Global Economic Symposium and here.