Gymnasium Köln-Pesch (2019)

Finalist for the region West

Shared Remote Offices – Enable Well-Paid Jobs in Rural Areas

Our team dealt with the problem of rural depopulation, which becomes more and more present and prevalent. Of all small town residents, 52% have already left their hometowns due to insufficient jobs, amenities and poor internet connection. We want to break the vicious circle that causes the unattractiveness of rural areas with the concept of Shared Remote Offices.

We want to create office buildings in rural areas with highspeed internet connection enabling employees to practice high-qualified and well-paid jobs in their hometowns. Working in our Shared Remote Offices would be similar to working in the home office, but in contrast to homes in rural areas, they would provide sufficiently good internet connection while social interaction prevents mental health issues. A more efficient working atmosphere is created in comparison to home offices so that employees are more concentrated. Our target group mostly consists of people working in the IT sector and want to stay in or move to rural regions, but are prohibited in doing so by the insufficient offer of jobs.

The advantages for companies are that they can reduce their office space, pay lower wages due to lower costs of living in rural areas and that their workers are more productive than in home offices.

These offices will consist of office space, a reception, a kitchen, restrooms, a playroom with leisure facilities such as billiard tables and a multifunctional room, which will be used for events like dancing courses after working hours. The whole project will be subsidized by the EU and the German
government. Shared Remote Offices help rural areas get more attractive and will have a positive impact on the struggling local economy.

Shared Remote Offices – Enable well-paid jobs in rural areas.

Das Team des Gymnasiums Köln-Pesch wurde auch von Essens Oberbürgermeister Thomas Kufen ausgzeichnet.

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