Gymnasium bei St. Michael Schwäbisch-Hall (2019)

Finalist for the region South-East


E-Commerce is increasing, and more and more people are ordering goods online because it is fast and easy. However, this development is also quite problematic, and modern parcel delivery currently faces several challenges. For example, parcel delivery companies produce high exhaust emissions and also enormous noise pollution. Additionally, there is a considerable traffic volume because of the different delivery companies and unsuccessful delivery attempts.

In order to solve these problems and to guarantee a resource-efficient and economic parcel delivery, we created P-Box.

P-Box is a modular parcel station for multi-family houses with at least 20 residential units, and it is placed centrally in the entrances or courtyards. You can open the Box with a code, which is sent to your mobile phone when the parcel is delivered, and returns can be easily placed in the box to be taken away by the service provider. The company P-Box is responsible for maintenance, while the traditional parcel delivery companies are still responsible for delivery. However, P-Box is only one part of our solution. For efficient and ecological delivery of goods to single-family houses and residential areas, we need Micro-Hubs.

Source: YES Team Gymnasium bei Sankt Michael

A Micro-Hub is a decentralised distribution warehouse in residential areas, from where packages are delivered to households with pedelecs. The hub is supplied by the parcel delivery companies, and an employee of P-Box delivers the packages with his pedelec to the end customer. There is also a P-Box for undelivered packages connected to the Micro-Hub.

In addition to noise and traffic reduction, our concept has resulted in enormous carbon dioxide savings. To be specific, we expect that we can save a large part of the approximately 225000 tons of CO2 produced annually by delivery services. Not to forget the time savings of the postmen who no longer have to supply each residential unit individually.

That is why we, as a company, are committed not only to green delivery but also to a green future.

Gymnasium bei Sankt Michael Schwäbisch-Hall