The High School „Gymnasium Altenholz (GAHZ)“, along with the bilingual English-German Claus-Rixen Primary School and Altenholz secondary school (Junior High School), constitutes Altenholz school centre. Our High school alone accomadates over 1000 pupils. They are educated in accordance with the so called G8-principle, i.e. a total of eight years is regularly spent at Altenholz High School.

The Global Economic Symposium was attended by a delegation from our school in 2013 for the first time.

Predominantly, educational efforts are focussed on individual skills and knowledge, self development and social skills. In addition to the syllabus as directed by the respective ministry of the government oft the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, the GAHZ offers extra-curricular working groups outside regular hours, e.g. training for conflict mediation, paramedic education, and social activities. On top of these there are activities in various team sports disciplines and musical projects like choirs and bands.

Pupils of the GAHZ are encouraged to engage in matters connected to international and global challenges and to interact with pupils from other coutries at an early stage. This is achieved by regular participation in exchange programmes, accompanied by bilungual classes in geography on a voluntary basis. All these efforts also help improving language skills. One of the most recent results was the presentation of the play „Esperanza“ („Hope“) by an extra-curricular working group on theater and acting. The play dealt with the personal implications of illegal trafficking of refugees in a globalised world from a refugees´ perspective in a rather emotional way, focussing on lack of perspective and the hopeless situation inflicted upon these people by criminal traffickers.

This year´s Global Economic Symposium once again presents pupils participating in the Young Economic Summit (YES!) with the opportunity to actively contribute to the solution of international problems. Instead of barely watching events from the receiving end of economic reality, we can make an impact on decisions of global interest and address issues of mutual relevance.

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Chosen YES! 2015 Topic

“Societal Development, Integration and Equality”

“Migrants Knocking on Europe’s Doors: Towards a Coherent Response to Irregular Immigration”

Find more information on the topic “Migrants Knocking on Europe’s Doors: Towards a Coherent Response to Irregular Immigration” on the website of the Global Economic Symposium and here.