Fritz-Erler-Schule Pforzheim I (2018)

Photo: (c) ZEW / Theresa Hepp

The team selected this topic

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Highly-skilled Migrants (2018)

The current migration crisis is raising public awareness to the importance of population movements. Recent studies show that 3% of the global population does not live in their native countries (see Özden et al., 2011). Population movements have been increasing since the 1960s and are becoming more and more asymmetrical: the majority of current immigration waves focus on a few countries and cities of destination. In particular, the destinations of highly qualified migrants – interesting from an economic point of view – are concentrated on a few English-speaking regions with relatively high incomes (Kerr et al., 2016). The reasons for the migration of highly skilled workers to their destination countries are manifold: On the one hand, the desire to spend one to two semesters in the destination country as an exchange student, or even to gain a foreign degree over an extended period (two to four years). On the other hand, however, political conflicts and economic crises in the country of origin can lead to the emigration of highly qualified people.

The Team

As students of the international business school Fritz-Erler Schule in Pforzheim we believe that we are predestined to participate in this competition. We learned the essential basics of economics there as well as the language skills needed.

While we were building our team we concentrated on the individual skills every one of our members can contribute, such as organizing, research or presentation skills.

The topic “highly skilled migrants” is nothing new to us, as half of our group is from foreign countries like Russia, Egypt, Albania and have parents that studied there.

To battle the controversies and problems of this topic we decided to participate in this competition and develop new solving approaches and establish our modern way of thinking. We are happy to take part in this year’s Young Economic Summit and are looking forward to a great year.

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