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Day 1 – National Final 2018

It’s the first day of the 2018 national final – a new location, teams from four different regions, two moderators and twelve solutions that have made it through the regional finals.

The First Regional Final of the YES! 2018 – what a start

Unser erstes Regionalfinale 2018 - die Teams der Region Nord haben die Latte sehr hoch gehängt. Neuen ganz unterschiedliche Lösungsansätze, die Lust auf das machen, was uns in den kommenden Wochen in den anderen Regionen erwarten wird.

Kick Off Meeting: Our exciting trip to Mannheim – Fritz-Erler-School Pforzheim II

How exciting! After some weeks of preparation our adventure with YES! finally started. On 16 March 2018, we took the train from Pforzheim to Mannheim to attend our kick-off meeting at the Center for European Economic Research (ZEW).Thanks to our supportive school administration we were exempt from school that day. This was great of course! On the train we took the opportunity to exchange our thoughts about our topic "How to Combat Child Poverty- and How can Children and Adolescents be Best Supported".

Make Nudges Great Again – Heinrich-Heine-Schule Heikendorf

We are the group from Heikendorf taking part in “Young Economic Summit” to develop our future because the future is our responsibility and we want to create it actively. YES is our chance to give our often overheard voices depth and the needed volume.

„Mit Hartz IV hat jeder das, was er zum Leben braucht.“ – Windeck-Gymnasium Bühl

„Mit Hartz IV hat jeder das, was er zum Leben braucht.“ When we first heard about this statement by Jens Spahn, a German parliament member and Minister for health, we were not amused, because it seems to be many people’s opinion on poverty. At the same time, it motivated us, even more, to take part in YES and find ways to really give everybody what is necessary to live a human-worth life.

YES! – Gymnasium Wellingdorf

“Moin moin” from the beautiful Baltic Sea, We are the "YES!" group of Gymnasium Wellingdorf - our topic is "the business model of Facebook - you are the product!".

The Journey begins! – Fritz-Erler-School Pforzheim I

The Young Economic Summit is not only a big challenge for all of us, but it also offers an insight into scientific work as well as real present and future economic problems. We look forward to these challenges and the opportunity to develop solutions for a wide variety of problems.