We – the language and society profile from the Heinrich-Heine High School in Hamburg – decided to participate in the project YES!.


On Friday, February 24, we made our way to the kick-off event for the YES! in Kiel. After the one and a half hour long journey, we arrived at the central station Kiel and because we had a lot of hungry mouths to feed, we got ourselves something to eat before continuing to the ZBW -Leibniz Information Centre for Economics.


The conference room was quite crowded – students from different parts of Northern Germany were all gathering to witness the launch of YES! 2017.  Every team introduced themselves and thanks to the quite emotional (sorry everyone else, whenever it gets to talking about Hamburg, we Hamburgers always get emotional) and maybe even a little theatrical presentation of our group by Jonas (thanks!), we might remain in the heads of those who were present.


YES! Kick-Off at the ZBW in Kiel

YES! 2017 Kick-Off Event at the ZBW in Kiel. (c) ZBW / Kai Meinke


After a friendly greeting and some general information about the project, Laura Bickel, who is managing the YES! project together with Kai Meinke, introduced the topics we could choose from and gave us a general overview.


After the speeches we had the chance to talk to scientists and experts from the different topics, to ask our questions and to inform ourselves more intensely about the topics and the project in general. We also took a picture together with all teams. After that, Luc, Mia und I gave an interview to talk about our team and our motivation to participate.


When all of our questions were answered, we started our journey back to Hamburg, inspired by all the people we met. During the train ride we tried to make up our minds and finally chose our favorite topic.


It was a great event, so now we are really motivated to start our own project and turn our ideas into plans and maybe reality.


Julia In
YES! Team Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium Hamburg