The Start of our Mission

by Cecilien-Gymnasium Düsseldorf

On the 2nd March 2018, our team from Cecilien-Gymnasium Düsseldorf started the project with the Kick-Off at the iwp in Cologne. We chose the topic “How to gain trust in online markets?”, which we discussed over the course of this Kick-Off.

Photo: (c) YES!/ Kai Meinke

The journey to Cologne took about 30 minutes by train. In this short time, we couldn’t prepare that well, but luckily though, we had met prior to the Kick-Off. After an expedition through the subway system of Cologne, we arrived at the Institute for Economic Policy, in which Kai and our two experts Clemens and Rebekka welcomed us with cookies and drinks.

We were the only team to present, which made the atmosphere a lot more relaxed. Afer a short introduction by each of us, the real action started. Our topic interested us because online shopping will be more and more spread in the society.

Therefore it is important to solve the problem of “asymmetrical information” (Akerlof- Market of Lemons), which Rebekka explained to us. Most of the brokers, such as Amazon and eBay, don’t transmit enough information to the consumers, such as quality and guarantee, that the price goes to the right hands. After discussing some possible ideas for solving this problem, the Kick-Off ended with a group photo.
All in all, it was a great and fun meeting, which enriched us with information on YES! and our topic. We are now looking forward to the next steps and the regional final and hopefully, we can contribute to something with our voice.

Bahaeddine Khammari

YES! Team Cecilien-Gymnasium Düsseldorf

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