Solutions for sustaining the world oceans – an important topic for everyone

by Alexander-von-Humboldt-Schule Neumünster

In Schleswig-Holstein, we are strongly influenced by the sea. The oceans have many problems, which we humans cause. To change this and help the sea we want to find an efficient solution.

Searching “our” problem

The oceans have many different problems. One of these is the pollution of the water by  “Anti-fouling”- paint. This is a chemical, high toxic paint to prevent the mussels and the bay barnacle to settle on the ships’ hull. Parts of this paint pollute the water.

Another important problem is aquaculture. This problem is one of the younger problems. The farmers breed eatable fishes without destroying the natural shoals. On the one hand, it is a good idea and can prevent the oceans from overfishing. But on the other hand, it is worse for the oceans and us. Leftovers of given medicine for growth and avoiding illnesses pollute the oceans and get in our daily food more often.  Another consequence is the contamination of the water in the tanks, resulting in fish illnesses and over-fertilisation of the oceans’ water.

Photo: (c) YES!/Kai Meinke

Kick-off-meeting in Kiel

In Kiel, our nine team members and our teacher met Kai and our researcher Dr Christine Bertram on February 20th. Both introduced us to our topic. The hours were very interesting, and we got much information about problems we can work on. After this meeting, we agreed on the problem we wanted to work on.

Our motivations to join the YES! 2018

The Alexander-von-Humboldt school of Neumünster has taken part in the YES! for the last years. So it is a big honour for our group to represent our school at the YES! 2018.

We especially take part, because it is a great chance to change something. Besides, we can show the experts and politicians that students can develop solutions for complicated problems. Also, we want to create something big out of a small idea.

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Text: Finja Schmidt, AHS Neumünster