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Improving equality of opportunities with My2tor

“Before God, we are all equally wise, and equally foolish. “ – Albert Einstein.

From the moment of our birth, we are distinguished by aspects which we can`t influence: our gender, the country in which we are born, our skin colour, our parents´ educational background or our families` financial situation. As a result, we are challenged with diverging educational chances from early childhood on. Although according to article 3 of the German Basic Law no one must be disadvantaged or preferred due to the aspects mentioned above, the PISA- Study points out that our social origin is more crucial for educational success in Germany than in other countries. Consequently, pupils whose families hold a high socio-economic position in society visit secondary schools (like the Gymnasium) more frequently.

Equality of opportunities is always a current issue but at the moment too little in focus, especially in politics. Many parties campaign for single improvements like all-day schools, which are relevant for equal opportunities. However, all in all, we realised that politicians do not show much interest in this topic.

So, we were wondering, how can we help? There are several other concepts to improve equal opportunities, but none fit our vision of the future (too expensive, too superficial…). This is why we invented our programme based on research and various studies: We are introducing My2tor.

We specialise in individual assistance to create a society that provides every child with better chances to fulfil his or her dreams. We do not only want to improve academic knowledge (like Maths, English…), but we aim at children`s potential. That could be languages, music, sports, but also craftsmanship. As different studies showed us that mentoring programs are already quite successful in other countries, we had a closer look and found out that we should focus on young pupils with low socio-economic or immigration background as programmes are especially successful with these children, given personal relationships and regular meetings with other, older pupils. That`s why we bring together pupils from the Gymnasium (10th grade, to start with) and pupils from elementary school (1st grade). My2tor helps these children to develop not only academic skills but also social, emotional and communicative skills. Their tutor helps them furthermore to increase their motivation and self-confidence, to find a role model and to structure their learning processes. That`s why young pupils will benefit from My2tor for a long time.

Teachers will help the older pupils to gain educational knowledge. They will accompany the whole process and give advice whenever needed. The younger children`s parents will also take part in the process as there will be regular meetings and opportunities to give feedback.

Looking at the economic effects of our programme, one can find many aspects that can be improved by My2tor. Future employees are better, variously qualified and more motivated because they get the chance to work in jobs they like and are skilled at. Consequently, their efficiency and productivity are higher, they invent more innovations, and German companies have a better position in the world market. Furthermore, our national finances are improved, as various tax receipts grow and costs (e.g. for unemployed persons) decrease. Citizens are happier, lead better and healthier lives, they are willing to help others, so our society works better.

That`s why we really should make use of all people`s potential and set the groundwork to an equal future with My2tor!

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