Regional Final South-East, 14 July 2020

The exciting final of the regional finals

With a record number of over 100 students, eight teams in the south-east region took part. It would have been tight to be in the Ludwig-Erhard-Saal of the ifo Institute today. But now it has become a digital final – with the two winning teams of the Friedrich-Koenig-Gymnasium Würzburg and the Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium Ulm.

It was with great pleasure that we were able to welcome Prof. Dr Dr. h. c. Clemens Fuest, President of the ifo Institute, again, as we did last year. He joined us live and thanked the participants for their willingness to engage in the competition over the past months, despite the corona crisis. The institute’s claim, “Shaping the Economic Debate”, can, of course, be found in the YES! – Young Economic Summit, as Mr Fuest emphasised.

Minister of State Prof. Dr Michael Piazolo from the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs also greeted the participants and in particular the teachers and organisers by video message.

For the fifth time, our team of moderators Svenja Heber and David Patrician were allowed to accompany their two mini regional finals.

Mini regional finale orange

Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium Ulm
Schumpeter BHAK Wien 13
Annette-Kolb-Gymnasium Traunstein
Buigen-Gymnasium Herbrechtingen

Mini regional final Green

Gymnasium Vilshofen
Friedrich-Koenig-Gymnasium Würzburg
Willibald-Gluck-Gymnasium Neumarkt
Gymnasium bei St. Michael Schwäbisch-Hall

In the green group the Gymnasium Vilshofen started with their idea “SCHOOLFreshUP – eat good, be good” on the topic “The BMI Is Too High. How To Promote A Healthier Nutrition At School?”, which was provided by researchers from the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. The team presented a combination of educational information via their Instagram account and a point collecting system for proper nutrition that could be used to win prizes at school.

A solution to the topic of “Financial Literacy: Learning Beyond the Curriculum – Lessons for Life” from the ifo Institute was presented by the Friedrich-Koenig-Gymnasium from Würzburg. With their playful approach “Strengthening financial competence amongst young people by creating a serious game using gamification for mobile platforms”, they wanted to develop an app as a learning aid for financial literacy both in the classroom and privately.

The third team, Willibald-Gluck-Gymnasium from Neumarkt, had to answer the question from the ifo Institute: “How can schools better prepare young people for working life?” Their concept provided for more robust integration of internships and career information starting in middle school.

The Gymnasium bei St. Michael from Schwäbisch Hall had an idea for the ZEW topic “My house, my savings book, my pension: What can you do if interest rates stay low?” They called it “Attention for Pension – a playfully informative app for education and exercise on the subject of old-age provision and investments”, with which young people should have the chance to play through later scenarios in life to prepare themselves.

In group orange, the Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium from Ulm presented “Stability within Change – a measure indicator to categorise the need for measures in case of internal migration”. Their topic was “Climate Migration – How Can Societies and Countries Prepare?” from the ifo Institute. They tried to develop a better basis for decisions on asylum applications by using a combination of economic, political-social and climatic measurements.

For the first time, a school from Austria joined the YES! The Schumpeter BHAK Wien 13 team had chosen the following topic from RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research in Essen: “Learning together – how to integrate refugee children in German classrooms.” Their proposal “A network of components is needed for the integration of young refugees” comprises various elements of joint learning, cultural events and support for the migrants – but all of this is based on in-depth interviews, i.e. intensive discussions to identify the problems and wishes of those affected.

For the team of the Annette-Kolb-Gymnasium Traunstein, it was also about “Financial Literacy: Learning Beyond the Curriculum – Lessons for Life.” They called their answer “King of Finance, financial knowledge at a royal level”. They wanted to advance economic education with a learning app that works as a quiz with others.

The Buigen-Gymnasium from Herbrechtingen was the last team to enter the race. Their task from the ifo Institute was: “Migration, vacancies, loss of attractiveness – how can the sustainability of city centres in rural areas be increased in the long term?” They concentrated on improving online shopping in the local area: “On the doorstep: The key to the regional online marketplace!” With their app, people would be able to view offers in their city in a bundled form so that they could buy online there instead of somewhere else.

The teams took a vote. For the green group, the Friedrich-Koenig-Gymnasium from Würzburg had developed the best solution. The Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium from Ulm prevailed in the mini regional final orange.

We congratulate the two winning teams. But we can also congratulate all the other teams because they presented excellent ideas and showed that they had learned a lot.

We now have five digital events behind us. What was initially difficult for us to assess has exceeded our expectations. Both the number of teams that stayed in the competition and the quality of the presentations were beyond our imagination – given the circumstances of the last months.

We would, therefore, like to express our sincere thanks to all the teachers, our researchers and partner institutes, and of course, to the students. Chapeau! We take off our hats!

For us, it is now time to take a breather before the planning for the National Final takes off.

Your YES! team

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