Regional Final East – YES! 20182018-06-11T18:27:13+02:00

Location: RBZ  Wirtschaft . Kiel
Moderator: David Patrician
Academic Partners:

Voting procedure

After hearing all the presentations, you now have the challenging task to vote on the winning solution proposal. The solution proposals appear in order of presentation during the YES! Regional Final 2018.

You, as a team, have to come to a full ranking of all solution proposals and hand in this ballot. Discuss all solution proposals within your team, come to a team decision and award points to each solution proposal in descending order. Please keep the criteria for a “good solution proposal” in mind and use the notes you made to reach a decision. Thank You!

The rules of the vote:

  • Every team has one Ballot and has to award points for each solution proposal
  • You cannot vote for your own idea
  • Every Team has to submit a vote
  • You have to award 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 points
  • Please award 8 points to your most preferred solution Proposal, 7 Points to your second most preferred Solution Proposal, and so on until you reach your least preferred Solution Proposal which gets 1 Point


Topics for the Region East

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