Leipzig University

The Leipzig University has been a partner of the YES! – Young Economic Summit since 2021/2022.

Photo: Johannes Ringel / Marcus Pietrek

Photo: Johannes Ringel / Marcus Pietrek

Leipzig University offers a unique diversity of subjects ranging from the humanities and social sciences to the natural and life sciences. The university’s own centres also focus on interdisciplinary and interfaculty collaboration in research and teaching, cooperation with other research institutions and industries, and increased international cooperation.

Excellent research, a comprehensive range of courses, interdisciplinary cooperation with other academic departments, and numerous international collaborations characterize studying and research at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. With the main campus in the heart of Leipzig, modern equipped classrooms and PC pools, and various innovative laboratories, the faculty offers an excellent infrastructure for successful studies.

Leipzig University on the Internet:

Website: www.uni-leipzig.de/en
Faculty of Economics and Management Science: www.wifa.uni-leipzig.de/en

Participating researchers

Mario Hesse

Walli Hoffmann

Katharina Kolb

Juliane Theiß