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Technische Hochschule Lübeck has been a partner of the YES! – Young Economic Summit since 2021/2022.

Dr. Muriel Kim Helbig

Dr. Muriel Kim Helbig

From traditional ‘Mechanical Engineering’ to the modern online study course ‘Computer Science and Media Applications’, the programs offered at TH Lübeck are as varied and future-oriented as our application-oriented research.

With more than 30 bachelor and master degree courses in Technology, Natural Sciences, Economics and Architecture, we offer the most varied range of studies in Lübeck. Practically oriented, we prepare our approximately 5,000 students on-site, in dual and online studies for the diverse areas of application in professional life. The study courses are tailored to the needs of the job market and the economy, and have a strong regional and practical aspect.

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Thanks to a number of collaborations with foreign universities in Europe, America and Asia, Graduates of TH Lübeck are sought-after specialists, both nationally and internationally.

Diversity is not merely a theme of our teaching philosophy; it is also evident in our laboratory work, research, development, and continuing education. All these fields of activity are covered by TH Lübeck’s four departments: “Applied Natural Sciences”, “Architecture and Civil Engineering”, “Electrical Engineering and Computer Science” and “Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration”.

Our 140 professors are supported by about 320 coworkers. As a particularly strong research university, TH Lübeck sees itself as an innovation service provider for the regional economy. Our research projects are application oriented and often take place in cooperation with companies.

In an exemplary collaboration between local organizations, the Hanseatic City of Lübeck has established a higher education district, in the center of which are the University of Applied Sciences, Universität zu Lübeck and a Science and Technology park. In 2012, these entities teamed up with the Lübeck Science Campus, which attracts and encourages the establishment of technology oriented, development intensive enterprises.

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