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RWTH Aachen University has been a partner of YES! – Young Economic Summit since 2020/2021.

Ulrich Rüdiger, RWTH

Ulrich Rüdiger, RWTH

RWTH Aachen University is a place where the future of our industrialized world is thought out. The University is proving to be a hotspot with increasing international recognition where innovative answers to global challenges are developed. In addition to excellent basic training, the University is characterized by researching and developing new, innovative application possibilities in international teams. Thinking the future is something you learn at RWTH Aachen from the first semester.

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Potential employers appreciate this. National rankings and international relations certify that RWTH graduates have a controlled, day-to-day ability to conduct authoritative work, to constructively solve problems in teamwork, and to carry out management tasks.

The Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments provided a huge boost to the targeted development of RWTH Aachen. The institutional strategy on which the successful Excellence Initiative application was based has, in the meantime, been expanded to form a long-term strategy to strengthen all the areas of the University and enhance their profiles. In the process, it has gained great momentum, which can be seen, among other things, in the extensive building activities. Visible evidence of this is the RWTH Aachen Campus that is being developed in close cooperation with industry and which is to form one of the largest research parks in Europe. Students and employees of RWTH Aachen will benefit equally from these developments and are expressly invited to get involved in shaping the individual initiatives.

Participating institutes

Institute of Geology
The Institute of Geology combines basic research with application-oriented questions, for example in the field of georesources management, environmental geology and geothermal energy.

Institute of Sustainability in Civil Engineering (INaB)
In its daily activities, the Institute of Sustainability in Civil Engineering (INaB) is facing the challenge of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Our Mission: Sustainability assessment and research towards the implementation of methods that enable measurement and improvement of the sustainability performance for buildings, the automotive industry, the food or textile sector etc.

Our Vision: Through our work in the field of sustainability assessment and research, we want to contribute to the needed social transformation towards a resilient co-existence of future societies and ecosystems

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Participating Researchers

Pamela Del Rosario

Anna Luthin

Tabea Schröder

Manouchehr Shokri

Marzia Traverso

Marius Waldvogel

Topics of the past years

#GrünstattBraun – Wie kann man Ängsten der Gesellschaft begegnen & Akzeptanz schaffen für Geothermie? (2021)

Shopping for the Future – wie kann unser Konsumverhalten nachhaltiger werden? (2021)

Toward sustainable accommodation and sustainable holiday (2021)