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The RWI has been a partner of the YES! – Young Economic Summit since 2018.

Christoph M. Schmidt

Photo: Sven Lorenz/RWI

Christoph M. Schmidt

RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research is a leading centre for economic research and evidence-based policy advice in Germany and member of the Leibniz Association.

The economy matters to everybody. At RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research we analyze what happens in the economy, why it happens, and which consequences changes in economic conditions and policies have for the individual and the society as a whole. With its research, the Institute assists policymakers and provides a basis for decision-making. It also assesses political measures.

Furthermore, as a publicly funded research institute, RWI wants to inform about economic issues, in a way that furthers a better understanding of economic processes among the wider public. Hence, RWI’s research approach is multidimensional, ranging from the individual to the global economy in its research divisions “Labor Markets, Education, Population”, “Health Economics”, “Environment and Resources” and “Macroeconomics and Public Finance”. Our Research Data Centre provides researchers with the latest data.

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