KOF Swiss Economic Institute

The KOF Swiss Economic Institute has been a partner of the YES! – Young Economic Summit since 2021/2022.

The KOF Swiss Economic Institute provides expert information in the field of economic and business cycle research. It produces a multitude of forecasts and indicators which are used to monitor the economy. Its data pool of company surveys is unique throughout Switzerland. KOF uses data of its pool to generate various indicators (such as the KOF Economic Barometer, the KOF Employment Indicator and the KOF Business Situation Indicator), which reflect Swiss economic sentiment.

It evaluates its survey findings on a quarterly basis and presents them – as well as its economic forecasts – to the public. Furthermore, it analyses the innovation activities of Swiss companies, publishes studies on the labour market and healthcare spending, and comments on the latest economic developments.

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Participating researchers

Nicole Loumeau

Dr. Nicole Loumeau is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Innovation Economics at the Swiss Economic Institute (KOF) at ETH Zurich. Her research focuses on the importance of scientific research for technological development. She received her PhD in Economics from ETH Zurich (in October 2020) and holds a Master in Philosophy&Economics from University of Bayreuth as well as a Bachelor in International Economics from University of Tuebingen.