iwp – Institute for Economic Policy at the University of Cologne

The iwp has been a partner of the YES! – Young Economic Summit since 2018.

Prof. Dr. Steffen Roth

Photo: Roman Herzog Institut

Prof. Dr. Steffen Roth

The Institute for Economic Policy (iwp) was founded in 1950 as an independent economic research institute at the University of Cologne. Founders were Prof. Dr. Alfred Müller-Armack, the intellectual father of the social market economy („Soziale Marktwirtschaft“), and Dr. h.c. Franz Greiß. The iwp is a non-profit research institute. The institute’s aim is to develop practical policy recommendations. The iwp team identifies societal challenges and viable approaches to overcome these challenges. The practical implementation of academically developed solutions is a top priority in the institute’s work.

The iwp is therefore dedicated to participating in the public debate and to providing practical advice to policy-makers. The idea that economic policy research is first and foremost in the service of society shapes the iwp’s self-image. Scientific and organizational management is in the responsibility of the directors, Prof. Michael Krause, PhD and Prof. Dr. Steffen J. Roth. A non-profit association of sponsors supports the work of the institute.

The iwp on the Internet

Homepage: http://www.iwp.uni-koeln.de

Participating researchers

Theresa Markefke

Felix Mindl

Christoph Oslislo

Topics of the recent years

Nudge into a green future: How “nudges” can move us towards sustainable behavior (2021)

The Economy and I – Economic education as a prerequisite for our participation in a democratic society (2020)

Digital Transformation and New Forms of Price Differentiation – What about Social Acceptance? (2018)

All set to tackle technological change with further training!? (2018)

Transactions via the Internet – How Can Trust be Built? (2018)