IfW Kiel Institute for the World Economy

IfW Kiel has been a partner of the  YES! – Young Economic Summit since 2015

The Kiel Institute for the World Economy sees itself as the research institute in Germany for globalization issues. Our researchers investigate the drivers and effects of international economic activity, the integration and disintegration of global markets as well as the opportunities and limits of political action in open economies.

logo ifwThe Institute analyzes the world economy not just as the sum of individual national economies, but rather as a global economic area that must be understood and shaped. We have tasked ourselves with identifying emerging global economic challenges and developing practical solutions that are compatible with open markets and competition while also taking account of everyone’s standard of living.

IfW online
Website: www.ifw-kiel.de
Twitter (Englisch): https://twitter.com/kielinstitute

Topics of the past years

Participating researchers

Michael Bayerlein

Jens Boysen-Hogrefe

Lena Detlefsen

Manuel Funke

Dennis Görlich

Christine Merk

Rolf J. Langhammer

Katharina Lima de Miranda

Wilfried Rickels