DIW Berlin – German Institute for Economic Research

The DIW Berlin has been a partner of the YES! – Young Economic Summit since 2018.
DIW Berlin (German Institute for Economic Research) has been one of the leading economic research institutes in Germany since 1925. The institute researches topics in the field of economic and social sciences and advises policymakers and society at large on the basis of its specialist knowledge. DIW Berlin is part of both the national and international scientific communities, provides a research infrastructure to academics all over the world, and promotes the next generation of scientists. A member of the Leibniz Association, DIW Berlin is independent and primarily publicly funded.

Headquartered in Berlin, we are well positioned to stay on top of political discussions and decision-making. It is, therefore, all the more important for us to keep our research independent of political, content-based, or commercial interests. DIW Berlin unites advanced method development and application, well-founded knowledge of economic, social, and political institutions, multi-disciplinary methods, an intuition for current economic policy topics, and an extensive worldwide research network.

Research results that stimulate discussion
Our research results are meant to drive the economic policy debate. They serve to stimulate discussion and exchange among experts and socially relevant groups and contribute to creating a basis for political decisions. DIW Berlin stands out for the wide spectrum of its research areas and its commitment to interdisciplinarity. It also has first-rate access to empirical data, as exemplified by its Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) – one of the world’s best data sources on the socio-economic situation in Germany.
Three key focus areas form the core of DIW Berlin’s research:

– Germany in Europe
– Safeguarding the future and sustainability
– Quality of life and distribution

Photo: DIW

Research depends on communication
Applied economic and social research depends on extensive communication. We present our research results in our own and external publications as well as at workshops, symposiums, and colloquiums, thereby reaching not only the scientific community but the general public as well.

In addition to the DIW Wochenbericht, which was first published in 1928, and its English-language counterpart, the DIW Economic Bulletin, the researchers at DIW Berlin present their findings in the Quarterly Journals of Economic Research, the DIW Roundup, and in Policy Advice Compact. They also evaluate and comment on current developments and offer policy recommendations for action in politics and science.

DIW Berlin topics for 2018