WZB Berlin Social Science Center

The WZB has been a partner of the YES! – Young Economic Summit since 2019

Jutta Allmendinger

The WZB Berlin Social Science Center conducts basic research with a focus on problems of modern societies in a globalized world. The research is theory-based, problem-oriented, often long-term and mostly based on international comparisons.

The WZB works on these main topics:

  • Dynamics of social inequalities
  • Markets and choice
  • Society and economic dynamics
  • International politics and law
  • Dynamics of political systems
  • Migration and diversity
  • Political economy of development

Around 200 scientists from various disciplines work together at the WZB, mainly from sociology, political science, economics, and law. They are supported by around 170 staff members in administration, IT, scientific information & data, and communication and by almost 90 student assistants.

Research results are published for the scientific community as well as for experts in politics, business, the media and civic organizations.

WZB online:

Website: www.wzb.eu/en
Twitter (deutsch): https://twitter.com/WZB_Berlin
Instagram: wzb_berlin

Participating researchers

Kai Barron

Anke Borcherding

Julia Epp

Juliane Haus

Andreas Knie

Sandra Leumann

Friederike Molitor

Alexander Schmotz

Robert Scholz

Rebecca Wetter

Topics of the recent years

Nursing in 2030: How can the lack of new staff in nursing professions be countered? (2021)

Wie können wir die Freiheit der Wissenschaft bewahren? (2020)

Autokratie 2.0 – Die Diktatur und das Internet (2020)

How can I imagine my mobility in the city and rural areas without my own car? (2020)

Understanding why and how much people lie (2019)

The role of narratives and social media in the polarization of beliefs and attitudes (2019)