Our kick-off in Essen – BBS Burgdorf Team I

Wednesday, 05:45 am, railway station Burgdorf. We waited for our bus to our Kick-Off Meeting in Essen. It was late. Nobody knew exactly, how long we have to wait for. Nevertheless, we were all motivated. We were happy about our opportunity.

Photo: BBS Burgdorf I in Essen
(c) RWI

We are Team 1 of the BBS Burgdorf. Meanwhile, we have it 05:55 am. Our bus picked us up, and we were on our way to Essen. Our destination was still far away, so we used the next hours, to record our questions and solutions for our professor. After all, we wanted to be sure that everything goes according to plan.

10:00 am. We have survived the bus journey and are standing in front of the RWI in Essen. We were ready to meet our experts.

We received a warm welcome at the RWI. After that, we were escorted to the conference room. Unfortunately, Kai Meinke, our responsible supervisor of YES!18, could not attend the meeting himself. But he was online and connected in colour in front of our conference table. Shortly afterwards our professor Roland Döhrn arrived, and the meeting began.

We started with presentations about Africa. Our task is: “How to Strengthen the Economy of African development Countries”. We have to find a new and original idea to help the economy of African development countries.

After the presentations, we started to ask questions about our topic. Our experts helped us with nearly all open questions, so we were theoretically able to start with our work on the project. For the remaining questions, we got links to various helpful pages.

The last part of our Kick-Off consisted of our first solutions for the African economy. We thought about offering seminars for African farmers to show them the land-saving farming practices of western countries. Our experts had no problem with this idea. Maybe we will continue to work on this idea.

At this point, our meeting was finished for our team. The second team of our school had their Kick-Off an hour later. In the meantime, we were allowed to take a look at the city of Essen. At 16:00 pm our bus arrived to take us back to Burgdorf.

Team Presentation

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