Malvern College (2019)

UK guest team

SWIGE – Saving the gig economy

The gig economy is revolutionizing the workplace.  In a world where people want flexible jobs that allow them to work freely, and spontaneously, having the opportunity to be an Uber driver or a Deliveroo biker represents an incredibly attractive option.  However there are nonetheless many problems related to this, ranging from basic workers’ rights that are not being provided to the unstable wages that make it seem impossible for workers to save.  To save, however, is crucial for a stable future: without saving these workers will not be able to live a life free from constant worry and they will be unable to face any of the unexpected curveballs that life can throw.

As young students, we worry about the future of our generation, and what the gig economy might mean for us.  We are therefore creating an app called Swige (Saving for Workers In the Gig Economy), that will not only persuade young gig workers that saving is convenient but will also make it easier for them to do so.  Initially this app will be distributed by the government to gig firms.  Each gig worker can be signed up for an account on the app that will be directly connected to their bank accounts.  Through a variety of behavioural economics tools (gamification, opt-out, providing limited choices), the app encourages and enables individuals to save, even when their income might be irregular and unpredictable.

Our future is precious, and we want our app to save it.

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