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The problem with Facebook and the uncertainty of our data

By now, everyone, including you, should be aware that Facebook earns its money with YOUR data. They provide the data to third-party services to assist or do market research. There is a high potential for data abuse. Cambridge Analytica illegally evaluated Facebook data in large numbers, and this information was then evaluated for propaganda purposes.1 They earn an average of $ 9.45 per user.2

That means, in short, that the user is the product and Facebook sells the user.

From this concept, however, Facebook will not be dissuaded, since the users have agreed to the handling of data, for example, the disclosure of third parties, by accepting the terms and conditions by Facebook.

„We collect, use and share the information we have at our disposal in the ways described above: […] as required for our legitimate interests (or those of others), including our interest in providing innovative, personalized, secure and profitable services for our users and partners, except when those interests are outweighed by your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms that require the protection of personal data. “- Translated Facebook Data Policy Extract 4

Since the new GDPR, Facebook has to give the users the opportunity to download all the data they have stored about them.5 If you ask for this right, Facebook provides you with an extensive, unclear data archive from which a private user can gain almost no information.

The Solution – „FaceMe“

We make use of the fact that the user can download the collected data. With the help of our concept, we want to represent the data and the resulting conclusions using a graphical representation.
For this, we want to develop an algorithm that is adapted to the pattern of the data archive and thus works through all data and evaluates it. The resulting optimised data set is then presented to the user graphically in the form of vector graphics.

In addition, the user has the option of downsizing the simplified filtered dataset to ensure
optimal transparency.
The entire program works only on the user’s terminal, which means that no one else has
access to the sensitive data of the users of “FaceMe”. But does our society need such a
concept? Our answer, a clear :

Photo: YES! / Kai Meinke

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The team selected this topic

The Team

Hello! We are the „Y.E.S“ team from the „Gymnasium Wellingdorf“! We are 5 boys who all attend the science profile at „Gymnasium Wellingdorf“. To give you  a closer look at our interesses, our characters etc. we are going to introduce ourselves each by short texts:

Benno Ries: I’m Benno Ries, 15 years old, from Heikendorf.  I’m interested in sailing, playing instruments, cars and last but not least in modern technology. This leads to the interest an enthusiasm for our topic. I don’t use „Facebook“, and I don’t have a „Facebook“ account, but I’m using „Instagram“ and „WhatsApp“ all day, so the question of „Facebook“ making money and maybe stealing our data is very important to me too.

Lukas Körber: I‘m Lukas Körber, 17 years old, from Laboe. I‘m visiting the „Gymnasium Wellingdorf“ in Kiel like the rest of my team. In my spare time I’m interested in computers and doing stuff with my friends, also I’m a member of the local firefighters. Like Benno, I’m not using Facebook directly, but „WhatsApp“ and „Instagram“ are part of my daily hustle. Because of the number of direct messages I’m used to writing on „WhatsApp“ in closely in touch with the data privacy of the „Facebook“ concern.

Björn Wurst: Hi, I am Björn Wurst from Kiel. I am 17 years old. I don’t think I have to say something about my school anymore… I am interested in physics, space and sports. Like most of the others I don’t use „Facebook“, but other social networks. Because of that, the question of our topic is interesting for me too.

Lucas Appel: Hey, I’m Lucas Appel, 18 years old and I live in Probsteierhagen. I attend the „Gymnasium Wellingdorf“ like the rest of our team. In my free time, I spend time with my dogs, read books or play games on the internet. I do use „Facebook“, but I don’t like it at all, because of various reasons. This, in combination with my use of „Instagram“ or „WhatsApp“, is, where my passion for this topic comes from.

Jendrik Witt: Hey, I’m Jendrik Witt, 16 years, from Kiel. I’m interested in sports, especially „American Football“. I like science, my favourite science is chemistry. I volunteer in a church in my free time, also I like to spend my time with friends, going to the gym and trying to learn as many things as possible in the topics I’m interested in. Also, I want to find solutions for special problems like our topic at the „Y.E.S“ competition.

The team’s blog posts

YES! – Gymnasium Wellingdorf

“Moin moin” from the beautiful Baltic Sea, We are the "YES!" group of Gymnasium Wellingdorf - our topic is "the business model of Facebook - you are the product!".

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