Youth plays an important role

Every year we are pleased about the large number of our speakers who discuss with the young people. This year we had more than 40, but one had a special part to play: EU Commissioner Virginijus SinkeviÄŤius.

Many of our topics at the YES! are rightly and very strongly related to environmental protection, climate change and the resulting changes for society and the economy. As Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus SinkeviÄŤius from Lithuania is co-responsible for implementing the “European Green Deal”, the Commission’s environmental programme.

Virginijus SinkeviÄŤius (bottom) and our moderators Emily Johnston and David Patrician.

For the first time, we had a keynote at the YES! Final, where Virginijus SinkeviÄŤius outlined the key points of the “European Green Deal” and also emphasised the importance of the youth:

“The EU Green Deal is our planning tool for the future, to help us move to a climate-neutral society. Young people have played a critical role for this political shift in the EU.

We need to change the way we produce and consume, how we travel, the way we heat and cool our houses, work and live together, and also our daily routines.

They all have an impact and we need everybody on board. We need fresh ideas from young people, students, universities, cities and regions.

Your contribution to shaping a sustainable, inclusive and fair future is more essential than ever!”

We are very proud to welcome such a high-ranking guest – even if only virtually.

Ačiū už jūsų šios dienos vizitą

which is Lithuanian and means “Thank you very much for your visit”.

Your YES! team

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