Engelsburg Gymnasium Kassel (2019)

Finalist for the region South-West

Strengthening labour market integration of refugees: Which approaches work?
This is how we will make it: Promoting diversity and taking advantage of it. Integration of refugees into the employment market.
Looking back at 2015, the time of the refugee crisis was tight, and we all had one big question: How will we manage to incorporate all these people into our community and into our labour market? The goal was and is still to integrate refugees into our society and thus cause an upgrade to our economy. But there has not been made a lot of change lately even though there is a skill shortage in Germany and plenty of unemployed refugees.
After intensive research and lots of conversations with parties that are pertinent to the path of integration, we came to the conclusion that the issue is excessive demands.

The refugees have to get used to the new environment, a different culture and new people. They are supposed to learn an entirely foreign language with new characters. They have to build up a new existence by heading to various contact points. Translating documents, acknowledging papers and many more things have to be done.
On the other side, there are employers. Companies that do not know whether they are allowed to employ the refugees at all. Or if they are permitted, the question is how and where. Obviously, there is a large working surface. We see the solution in a digital platform. A website which is a point of intersection for legal information search, connection and communication. This solves the problem of no transparency, confusion and economic inefficiency during the integration process. It creates a space where integration can take place!

Our platform is supposed to be a drop-in centre for four different parties. The administration is a governmental authority. This could be the local authority, the urban administration or the employment office. It verifies the platform and gives information about the residence permit status and the work permit of the refugees.
And of course, the refugees will get to name their interests and specify their vita. Some things have to be stated by or with the official in charge, the level of language, for instance. To make it as easy as possible for all the diverse refugees. This platform is going to be released in a wide variety of languages.

Furthermore, there are employers. Small firms or big companies, everyone can offer internships, mini-jobs or regular jobs. These job advertisements will include information about necessary previous knowledge, the required level of language and other data that can vary.
The last party embraces all the “other suppliers“. This implies both language courses and free-time activities and volunteering offers.
What we do is sum up all the different essential and necessary information on the path of integration in one central item. This creates transparency, clarity and efficiency. This is what our platform makes unique and more advanced in comparison to the already existing but failed competitors.
Successful integration is key to a sophisticated and forward-looking society of tomorrow. These days Germany is struggling with right-wing radicalism. With the help from our platform, well-integrated refugees that enrich the lives of all of us can finally set an example. Hate and racism can eventually be reduced.And so we present the entire process of integration in a nutshell.

This is how we will make it. This is how we promote diversity and take advantage of variety. And this
is how we will manage to integrate refugees into the employment market.

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