Digitisation – One of the Biggest Problems of our Generation?!

by Dietrich-Bonhöffer-Gymnasium Metzingen

All over the world but especially in Germany the digitisation in companies is a huge problem. Germany with its strong industry only achieves about ten percent of its possible digital potential. Because of this, we feel responsible for supporting digital development in business. Thus, we decided to participate in the Young Economic Summit – YES! this year.

Photo: (c) YES!/Laura Bickel

After we were informed about YES! by our economy teacher, we decided to get more knowledge about this special summit. For being a part of YES!, our first step was to choose one of the interesting topics. All of us are pretty interested in digital problems so we decided to choose “Promoting digitisation in business”.

Being part of the generation called „digital natives“ makes us responsible for investigations of all digital processes. Who would have better options to work out solutions for these problems than the people grown up with smartphones, computers and the internet. Building up a powerful future supported by technology is probably the toughest and most important problem of our generation.

As Elon Musk said: „A company is a group organised to create a product or service, and it is only as good as its people and how excited they are about creating. “.

Regarding this quote, you see that companies depend on their employees and as long as they are not part of this digital change, it is not possible to be confident about our future. What we want to do is to help people to overcome their anxiety by finding ways of including them in the process and giving them support to improve their abilities to cope with this special revolution.

Last week we met Laura Bickel and our assigned researchers Jörg Ohnemus and Steffen Viete for the first time. During the Kick-Off meeting, we got introduced in the current state of research. They also showed us their work as part of the ZEW (Zentrum Europäischer Wirtschaftsforschung) in Mannheim.

We are excited about the next steps, and we are looking forward to discussing our ideas with experts and competitors.

Team Presentation

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