BBS Burgdorf Team II (2018)

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Acceptance of Refugees in the local Environment (2018)

The massive wave of migrants coming to Europe since 2015 has become a central challenge for German and European politics. This topic has dominated recent the federal and regional election campaigns. Fears, prejudices and mistrust resulted in strong support for the AFD in recent elections. However, this support varies dramatically, even on a local level within cities or administrative districts. This is a signal that the success of the integration of refugees is very different regionally as well as there are very different fears related to refugees among the population.‘Nudges’ could be a way of increasing the willingness to help. A nudge is a method that influences the behaviour of people without having to resort to bans or laws or having to change social incentives. Nudges are becoming a more popular way of influencing people’s behaviour as new laws or regulations do not have to be issued as policy. Nudges could help to overcome individual blocks such as fear or uncertainty concerning responsibility, thus increasing the level of social welfare.

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The Team

Bennet Warnecke

Hello, my name is Bennet Warnecke, and I am from Hänigsen in the county of Hannover. I am a part of the YES!-team of the BBS Burgdorf. The topic of our team is the „Acceptance of Refugees in the Local Environment“. I have decided to work motivated and with effort on this project, because in my opinion, we have to prevent a parallel society. The people who have to flee out of there country should have the chance to become a part of our society.

Bisar Dasci

Hello, my name is Bisar Dasci, and I am 18 years old.
Currently, I am a student at the BBS Burgdorf.
As our teacher gave us an introduction to the YES!-project, I  immediately knew that I have to attend. The reason for that is that I always felt compassion for refugees because my parents came to Germany as refugees and this project is a possibility for me to help refugees.
I want refugees to have a perspective in Germany and be able to build a life in Germany. Everyone should have the chance for that.

Dimitri Gottfried

I am Dimitri Gottfried, and I’m 18 years old. I go to the BBS Burgdorf with economics as the subject area economics in Burgdorf. I work on the YES!-project to have a great time with my classmates and to consolidate as a team, but especially to help the refugees to integrate faster in our society. The fact that some
time ago, my own family came as refugees to Germany is my biggest motivation.

Dyako Hassen

My name is Dyako Hassen. I am 17 years old and are happy to be part of this great project. When I heard about the project, I was immediately excited
because I knew, that this is the possibility to finally change something and not always just waiting for something to happen. I am also very pleased to present our solutions to a large audience.

Furkan Bugan

Hello, I am Furkan Bugan, and I am 21 years old. I am from Hannover. Currently, I am a student at BBS Burgdorf. Living in a huge City, I met many people among them were some refugees. I felt compassion for them as they told me their stories and as our teacher gave us an introduction to the YES! project, I immediately knew that this is my chance to help them. Although I can’t change their pasts, I want them to be able to build a good life in Germany.

Kopan Duran

Hello, my name is Kopan Duran, and I’m 18 years old. I am from Burgdorf. I go to the BBS Burgdorf as well. I want to use this chance to make the world a little better. Especially on the topic of the refugees, we need to change something. The YES!-project is giving me the chance to be heard by many people. I’m very motivated because, in my freetime, I am often in contact with refugees and I want to help them to integrate.

Moritz Anderson

Hello, I am Moritz Anderson, 16 years old and are currently attending the BBS Burgdorf. I am a part oft he YES! team II of the BBS Burgdorf. Our topic is the „Acceptance of Refugees in the Local Environment“. I am highly motivated to work on this topic because in my opinion the policy is not doing enough, or just the wrong, to integrate refugees in our society.

Saleh Khalaf

I am Saleh Khalaf and are a part of the YES team II of the BBS Burgdorf. I am highly motivated because I grew up with such problems and that’s why I am interested to find a solution for this problem.

Tolunay Bakir

Hello, my name ist Tolunay Bakir and I’m 20 years old. I am from Hannover in Lower Sachsony.
The BBS Burgdorf is the school which I go to. I am motivated to work on and be a part of the YES! project, because I want to strive to improve the situation of the refugees in Germany. I can empathise with them because of my immigrant background. My purpose is to afford them a better life.

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